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Welcome to Healing Spirits!

Check out my new video! At last I have made a video, to introduce myself and my classes to you and to support you in your home practice!

I hope this site will answer some of your questions about Kundalini Yoga, for adults or for kids and schools, available support during your pregnancy and birth, or how therapeutic creative arts can be used for healing. I hope I may be of some help to you on your own personal or group journey, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. Check out my hypnobirthing page to read how I can help you have a relaxed, comfortable and loving birth.

I also run monthly Saturday morning workshops for those of you wanting a taster of how transformational yoga and meditation can be. These can be found on my facebook page or on the right hand column, or visit my workshop page for more info.

!I love Georgie’s classes. I come away feeling as though I have had a great workout, a massage, therapy, spiritual healing and a good sleep!”

If you are just here to learn about the extraordinary, bountiful, fast-working and holistic benefits of Kundalini yoga and meditation or to find out more about hypnobirthing feel free to have a read of this site!

If you would like to experience any of this first hand or you are interested on behalf of your school, organisation or client group, please contact me at the email or telephone number below or come along to a class. Whether you are young or old, healthy or healing, I look forward to sharing the beauty and peace of yoga, meditation and the healing arts with you.

Thank you for visiting me.

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or call me 07807550653 / 01544 321 980

“I felt like I’d had a little holiday away from my family! I came home invigorated and relaxed, my back felt massaged.

Georgie has a wonderful, gentle, calm teaching presence and the structure of her class flows beautifully”
Anna, Kington

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