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"Thank you from my heart for the time and care you spent with me at our one to one. It was exactly what I needed and much more, in ways that go on surprising and pleasing me. Since then I’ve been practicing almost every day.. new beginnings, an adventure. I feel so peaceful.

What a gift!" - Nancy, early 70s
Class Price
Adult Classes Pay as you go to adult classes for £7.50 or commit to a 10 class pass, which you can use at any class within 12 weeks of classes, for £65 £7.50 / £65
Gentle Start Package Two private sessions, one workshop, a month of as many classes you want to come to, and a Kundalini Yoga book perfect for beginners to practice at home £150
Private Session Private one to ones are £40 at mine and £45 - £50 at yours depending on where you live £40 - £50
Workshops Workshops are £17 if you pay within the early bird dates, £20 if you pay before the workshop and £22 on the day. £17 - £22
Organisations A usual class rate is £40, this reduces the more hours you book me for. Classes normally last 1.5 hours. £40
Schools £150 for a full day unless you are very far away. If you arrange a term of classes I will give a discounted fee according to how long you want me to come for each week. £150